Towards a happy ending

Since my last blog post I have kept on working on my GSoC project while also making preparations for attending the GUADEC 2019 conference.

The main Merge Request of my project has been merged into the master branch of Games and then I followed up with a couple more bugfixes for bugs that my mentor has noticed after the merge.

A very mean bug 😦

A very important bug/regression that I’m glad we were able to fix is the NintendoDS crash that was caused by introducing the Savestates Manager. We couldn’t have included this feature in a release as long as this bug was present since it was a major regression as the user wasn’t even able to start a NintendoDS game at all.

The bug was caused by the fact that we used to re-instantiate the emulator core everytime we would start the game or load a new savestate. This didn’t cause any problems with other cores but it seems that the NintendoDS core didn’t like this.

The lucky fix \o/

Initially I had no idea how to approach this issue and I also doubted that re-instantiating is the cause of the problem because it was working perfectly fine with the other cores. Nevertheless I decided to try this out and was very surprised, happy and relieved when I saw that it actually fixed the problem completely and now we are able to play NintendoDS games with savestates. Now when loading a savestate the core is stopped, it’s state is changed and then the core is resumed.

A NintendoDS game being played with savestates 🙂

Last effort

There is still one week left of GSoC and during this time with one final effort I will attempt to implement Savestate renaming before submitting the final version of my project.

My next blog post will be after the GUADEC 2019 Conference at which I will have a lightning talk about my project and hopefully get to meet some of the people reading this post 🙂


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