It “officially” begins

Between my last blog post and now I have been accepted into the Google Summer of Code programme (or GSoC for short), which is basically an opportunity for students to work on open-sorce software projects throughout the summer and also receive a stipend (money) for it.

The coding period officially began on the 27th of May, but I actually started working on my project before that in order to get a head start.

Throughout the summer I will be implementing a feature for GNOME Games. To be more specific, I will be implementing a “Savestates Manager”. The feature itself has already been designed and the details about how it should work are explained very well in this wiki page:

UI Design for the Savestates Manager

Currently I’m working on automatically migrating files from the old directory layout to the new one in order to support multiple savestates. This is how the new directory layout is going to look like:

   save dir/

The snapshot file is probably the most important one because it’s used to set the state of the emulator core. The creation date is used to uniquely identify savestates.

I will keep adding blog posts as I continue to make progress and hopefully there will also be some UI to screenshot before the next post.


Battle-cruiser operational !

Hi ! Yeti here, I’m currently an engineering student and during my free time I contribute to this cool open-source app called GNOME Games (or just Games for short).

One would expect an app with that name to be some kind of collection of mini games for GNOME but you would be wrong. Games markets itself as a “games manager”, which means it automatically detects all of the games installed on your machine and lists them, such that you have all of your games nicely gathered together in one window.

Games Collection view (image taken from the Big Net)

But IMO (“in my opinion” in IRC jargon) the juiciest feature of this app is that it comes packed with a bunch of emulator cores which means that you can run retro games like Game Boy games directly in the Games app window.

My favorite retro game, ‘Asteroids’

In this blog I will post about my various endeavors in contributing to this app.