Getting closer

Since my last blog post I have been on a short vacation but I have also managed to make some progress on my GSoC project again with guidance from my mentor.

My latest work concerns the UI used for the Savestates Manager.

The current Savestates Manager

The available savestates are listed on the right. Note that every savestate has a thumbnail which is a screenshot of the game taken at the moment when the savestate was created. For me it was very satisfying to reach this milestone 🙂

Every savestate also has a creation date which is displayed in the menu, but that’s certainly not as eye-catching as the screenshots.

There are still many missing features and things that need improving (such as the date formatting) but with every commit I feel that I am getting closer to the finished project.

How the finished Savestates Manager is supposed to look like

Next up I will be working on the menu header bar which is going to contain the Load, Delete and Cancel buttons.


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