Almost there

All good things come to an end and so does the 2019 Google Summer of Code. With the last coding period having officially started my project is slowly approaching it’s last commit.

Lately I have been working mostly on various issues regarding the looks and the behavior of the Savestates Manager, but there are also two new visible UI changes that can be seen in the following screenshot:

New UI changes

The Save button that used to be present in the header bar has been replaced with a special row which creates a new savestate when it’s selected.

The row labels have also been tweaked and now use different font sizes and colors for the savestates names and their dates. Another small change here is that the creation dates use a different format.

The list of current issues is quite large and sometimes if I fix one issue I manage to introduce another issue or even a bug in the process, but I am slowly making progress towards the end goal.

Current list of Issues with the Savestates Manager

Next up I will be working on adjusting how the savestates thumbnails are being drawn. Currently they are not scaled or resized which causes the UI to look quite weird with certain platforms. For example with this PlayStation game the savestate name and creation date can’t even be seen because the thumbnail is too wide:

The savestates names and creation dates are not visible

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